Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nonsense Rhymes - XI (Alone vs. Lonely)

At times, I would rather be alone..
To ponder dispassionately..
To look back around the mental alley..
To evaluate each success and failure..
To wonder what future has in store..
To envision where I want to be..
To set each goal and priority..

Yet, I would rather not be lonely..
Lest the past comes back to haunt..
Lest memories bring pain along..
Lest old wounds re-surface..
Lest old feelings show up on the face..
Lest I go back to my shell..
Lest I cry, in sorrows I can’t dispel..

At times I would rather be alone..
At times I need some personal space.
Yet, I fear memories coming out of the closet..
Yet, I fear loneliness.

Statutory Warning:- Reading nonsense poetry is injurious to mental health.


chaos said...

good thought (practical) - i face it often... more importantly - well written ...

the_new_cloud said...

Bachaoo.. Bachaoo...
On a serious note.. Teri tabiyat to theek hai na???

On a dead serious not.. It was awesome..