Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The edge of reason

.....Continued from here.

The Reasonable Man:- “All life works on reason.”

The Unreasonable Man:- “All progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

The Reasonable Man:- “A reasonable man is respected by one and all.”

The Unreasonable Man:- “Reason is a personal opinion. No one likes to believe he is unreasonable.”

The Reasonable Man:- “I can convince anyone with reason.”

The Unreasonable Man:- “Reason cannot convince one who does not appreciate or understand it.”

The Reasonable Man:- “A reasonable man can adjust to people and situations.”

The Unreasonable Man:- “Adjustment is a weakness which makes you give up your ideas and convictions.

The Reasonable Man:- “He who does not adjust to situations, is stubborn.”

The Unreasonable Man:- “Only the stubborn get their way in life.”

The Reasonable Man:- “Reason always wins.

The Unreasonable Man:- “A reasonable man is bound to loose to an obstinate one.”

The Reasonable Man:- “Reason helps you understand others.”

The Unreasonable Man:- “You understand others. But do others understand you?

to be continued......

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