Friday, December 29, 2006

Honesty is the best fallacy

Mr. Righteous:- “One should always be honest in life.”

Mr. Right:- “Pragmatism is more important than blanket honesty.”

Mr. Righteous:- “Have you ever heard “the softest pillow is a clear conscience”?”

Mr. Right:- “Have you ever heard of “counter-productive candor”?”

Mr. Righteous:- “It is better to under-promise, and over deliver.”

Mr. Right:- “If you under-promise, you might never get a chance to deliver.”

Mr. Righteous:- “It is illegal to drive down the wrong lane.”

Mr. Right:- “What’s the harm in driving down the wrong lane, if there’s no traffic?”

Mr. Righteous:- “There’s something called ethics and morality, you know.”

Mr. Right:- “Ethics is a function of self interest.”

Mr. Righteous:- “If everyone works for personal profit, the world would collapse.”

Mr. Right:- “Hasn’t Capitalism succeeded?”

Mr. Righteous:- “The world respects the righteous.”

Mr. Right:- “Righteous is not Right.”

to be continued.....

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