Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nonsense Rhymes - X (When the enemy is ME)

Man’s greatest battle,
Is not against an external entity..
But against someone,
Who shares his identity..

I can easily fight,
A foe I can see..
But how do I wage a war,
When the enemy is ME..

How do I win,
My battle against my vices..
How do I remove,
The cob-webs off mental crevices..

When I try to break free,
My fears clog the way..
When I venture into the unknown,
Apprehensions keep me at bay..

Inhibitions, Insecurities, Inabilities,
Attack me from within..
How do I CHANGE myself,
And rise above the chagrin..

I crave to challenge my limitations,
Break out of my shell..
Severing the barriers of self-doubt,
I want to rebel..

If I can beat myself,
If I can change for the better..
I would achieve what few do,
And unshackle my mind of every fetter..

Disclaimer:- These Nonsense Rhymes are not based on personal experiences, but emanate from my reflections on discussions I have had with a cross-section of friends, batch mates and colleagues. These rhymes are a way of expressing the variety of thought processes experienced by a disparate set of people.


chaos said...

too good ... (you are improving) ;) very thought provoking...

Anonymous said...

Wow Shubham ... good work. I hope people who read your poem shun mediocrity in their daily lives including myself.

Lets do it !!