Wednesday, September 05, 2007

e-breakup !!

They say you learn something new everyday. Here is what I learnt today.

A significant number of young people like to save their girlfriend/boyfriend’s number with the letter “A” in their cell phone address books. They do this not because they want to hide the names from anyone, but because the letter “A” is the easiest to select while typing an SMS !!!

After this incredible revelation, I began wondering what would the consequences of a break-up between two Gen-X love-birds be like? What would the Gen-X equivalents of traditional post break-up activities like tearing apart your ex-fling’s letters, throwing away gifts, and burning his/her photos be like?

Well, here is what I can think of..
- Deleting all e-mails from your ex-love
- Deleting his/her number from the cell phone and e-mail address books
- Deleting Orkut scraps and testimonials from him/her
- Deleting all his /her photos from your PC, cell phone, flickr, picassa etc.
- Deleting all romantic SMSes

If someone with a real-life experience of an e-breakup is reading this post, I request him/her to add to this list, in case I have missed out on any key activity. :-)

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