Friday, November 05, 2004

Minds on Fire!!

MastishK 2004- India’s 1st Fully Online Management Games Event is over.. And as part of the 30 odd member organizing team of MastishK (which we so passionately call Team MastishK), I can sit back and retrospect on the biggest adventure of my life so far.. I don’t know what other team members are feeling at this moment, but I for one have a mixed bag of emotions.. Ecstasy.. at the success of the event.. Sadness.. that “Arbit Choudhury” will no more be a regular part of my life.. Relief.. that I can get back to being a normal un-obsessed human being again.. Am sure that everyone in Team MastishK has learnt something from the event that he/she will remember for ever.. Today, I can reflect on my learnings.....

Plans are meant to fail.. but what should not fail is your resolve.. believe in your dream.. Plans can change.. dreams can’t....

Differences of opinions are as much a part of teamwork as camaraderie is.. Fight for you opinion.. back it with reason.. but be ready to change it if something better comes up..

Customer is King.... look at your offering from the eyes of the customer.. It is not you who will buy the product/service.. It is the customer who will do it.. Offer what the customer likes, not what you like..

Now for some of my team-mates, it is incredible how each one fitted into his/her role.. each one did a job he/she was best suited to.. Starting off with Nikhil and Hemant.. Quite apt that the job of co-ordinators was done by them.. Both have entrepreneurial ambitions.. And this was as good a baptism they could have had, as any... Ashita, Milind, Payal, Medda, each with sharp minds and great ideas, conceptualized the games.. KC, the SCM bond, created Law’gistics single handedly.. VAK, the Qizzard of Oz, made the quizzes.. And hats of to the juniors.. who spent even more sleepless nights than the senior team.. implementing all the ideas..

This is the last I will write about MastishK.. Experiences pass by.. Impressions never die.....

Memories of MastishK

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