Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Arbit Choudhury: Rewind 2007

As another year in the life of Arbit Choudhury draws to a close, it is time we share some key Arbit happenings, achievements and challenges of 2007 with all of you.

2007 was a special year in more ways than one. During this year, Arbit Choudhury won the Manthan Award under the e-Entertainment category, for its contribution to developing the concept of micro-distribution.

Arbit's important media mentions this year included a feature article on "Indian Webcomics" in Indian Express (Chennai Edition) on June 15th, mention in a Times of India article about the proposed creation of Arbit Choudhury on 12th March, and an Interview with the creators of the comic strip appearing in the popular management blog Management Informatika.

During the course of the year, we invited Arbit ideas from our fans, and converted the best of them into comic strips through our yearly Mastishk Arbit Fresh Ideas Contest (MAFIC). We also tested your knowledge on Arbit Choudhury through a special quiz hosted on our website, on the occasion of Arbit's 3rd Birthday.

In 2007, Arbit Choudhury also became a regular feature in Tango- The Cognizant Technology Solutions Newsletter circulated among Cognizant associates and B-schools across the country. We launched an Arbit Ideas Contest in the December edition of Tango, inviting humor doses from all recipients of the newsletter. Arbit Choudhury comic strips have appeared in the Satyam newsletter, GE CIS newsletter and BHEL "Caravan" newsletter over the years.

Apart from our regular comic strips, we released special comic strips on Valentine's Day, international Labour Day, Google's Birthday and World AIDS Day.

During 2007, the Arbit Choudhury creators created and released comic strips from 12 cities, 6 countries and 3 continents across the globe. Even as our professional commitments take us to different parts of the world, and make us work from different time zones, we have tried to provide Arbit Choudhury fans their regular dose of Arbit humor without fail. We will continue in this endeavor in the future too.

We promise to make 2008 equally enjoyable for you, if not more. Do keep writing to us at arbit.mba@gmail.com

To receive the latest Arbit Choudhury comic strip straight into your mailbox, join the Arbit Yahoo Group / Mailing List . If you want to join the Arbit Yahoo Group but cannot do so, Please send a mail to arbit.mba@gmail.com with the subject “Join”- Your id will be added to our mailing list directly.

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