Friday, May 11, 2007

Black Is Beautiful

I have been deeply interested in Astronomy since my early childhood. Those wonderful tales about distant stars, planets and galaxies, that my dad used to narrate to me at bed time every day, never ceased to amaze me. Such was my fascination with the subject, that I my first childhood ambition was to become an Astronaut one day.

Black Holes are one of the most intriguing astronomical entities. The very concept of a piece of matter, with infinite mass concentrated at an infinitesimally small area, powered by such gravity that even light cannot escape, presents the most unbelievable natural wonder. When you couple all this with the fact that Black Holes are also related to other fantastic phenomena like Worm Holes and Time Travel, make them an Astronomy Lover's delight.

When this beautiful piece of animation, explaining some complex theories related to Black Holes with great simplicity, was forwarded to me by a colleague of mine today, I was almost teleported back to my childhood days, when talk of a Black Hole used to fill my eyes with wonder.

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Anonymous said...

there are some good videos in youtube which will give more masala for ur blog. Search for Parallel universe.