Tuesday, May 15, 2007

America Runs On Tips!!

One often hears stories of how cultural and behavioral differences in different countries create comical situations. The following anecdote narrated by a colleague of mine, during my stay in the U.S., is another example of the same.

As my colleague entered a Cab on his way back from office one day, the Cab driver asked him, "Where do you want to go, sir?"
"Hotel XXX, Stanford Blvd." My colleague replied.
"OK. But let me tell you well in advance. I will not accept any tip less than 1 dollar!!" said the Cab driver, in a somewhat agitated manner.
"OK!! OK!! I will give you the tip you want. No need to get so agitated, my friend."
"Sorry for that, sir. But the other day I took a guy to the same place, and on asking for a tip, he handed over 5 cents to me!!" the Cabbie expressed his grievance, "Can you believe that!! 5 cents!! Doesn't he know, America runs on tips!!"
My colleague could not help but let a small chuckle out, as he thought to himself, "I bet that passenger was a Desi"

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the_new_cloud said...


Here is a story from my end
I went to Jaipur and stayed at the Oberoi Rajvilas. I gave a tip of 300 rs and the waiter didnt accept it..