Wednesday, April 11, 2007

West Side Story

The wonder with which a poor man on the street in India looks at the IT revolution sweeping the country was evident in this conversation with an auto-rickshaw driver in Hyderabad a year and half back. Today, I cab driver in the US gave me a perspective from the other side of the field.

“Where do ya wanta go, sir?” asked the African American driver as I entered the cab.
“XXX Inc., 9830, XXX Drive” I replied.
“XXX Inc. Is thaat aa Computa Company?”
“No, but their IT division is based here.”
The guy turns and looks at me.
“Are you Indian or Pakistani?”
“Indian” I reply.
“An awful lotta Indians in America these days. Do all o’ya work on Computa?”
“Well, not all. But quite a few.”
“How come all Indians are good at Computa?”
“Hmm. I guess it is because we have a lot of engineers in India, who quite good at Computer Programming.”
“I donno no Computa. May be I should also start learnin it!”

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dara said...

@shubham:hi mate, 'tis a nice post....hmmmmm,'tis like even cab drivers in US not having a high-notion about us!****sigh***('tis shown frm his comment"“How come all Indians are good at Computa?”
")...but then we should not xpect frm such persons have an UPDATED idea about this MODERN-INDIA nah?? the keep posting ....bye