Tuesday, November 22, 2005

All in a day's work....

A colleague of mine traveling in an auto to office.
Auto-walla- “Bhai saab, aap us IT company mein kaam karte ho?”
My colleague- “haan, kyon??”

“Saab, itna bada office, hazaaron log. Banate kya ho office ke andar??”
“Kuch nahi banate”
“To phir karte kya hain itne sare log din bhar??”
“Computer par kaam karte hain”
“Achcha, to aap log computer banate ho??”
“Nahi bhai, computer par kaam karte hain”
“Par karte kya ho uspar??”
“Coding.. I mean likhte hain computer par”
“To itne sare log kya din bhar sirf likhte hain?? Aur iske liye itna paisa milta hai unko?? Kash main bhi padha likha hota..”


A Japanese colleague and me traveling back from office in an auto. The Japanese sees a slum in a distance and says “What are those??”
“Slums. Poor people live there”
“What?? I might be new here, but you cannot fool me. There is no way people can live amidst such filth.”
“You can go there and see for yourself if you want”
“Boy, you guys are really different!!”

Me and a couple of colleagues sitting in the canteen.

Colleague No. 1- “Do you guys smoke??”
Me and Colleague No. 2- “No”
Colleague No. 1- “Do you guys drink??”

Me and Colleague No. 2- “No”

Colleague No. 1- “How do you guys stay alive??”
Colleague No. 2- “20 years from now, we will be the ones alive!!”


Lord of all Things said...

1)literacy campaign
2)employment oppurtunities
3)hehe nuthing.

good post!

Shubham said...

but i did not get the employment opportunities part :))

chaos said...

I find this typical problem of explaining 'what I do!' ... especially to the older generation or un-educated folks!... i find it real hard to make them understand that we don't get too much of money... it's just that we don't save any and spend every penny before the month end! (glamour works!)

The Comic Project said...

the last one is brilliant :-)