Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy days are here again !!

Festivals are the best times of the year. Times when people can forget their daily chores and just enjoy themselves. We Indians should know, since we celebrate more festivals than any other country in the world. I guess we are very lucky in that respect, as we get a chance to collectively enjoy ourselves more than any other nation. In the western world, they just have the Christmas season for celebration, and in the Islamic nations, it is only Id and Ramazan. But we Indians, due to our multi-cultural backgrounds, enjoy all these festivals and more. Even Hindus love having “sewaiyan” during Id, even Muslims love wearing Santa caps during Christmas, and even Christians love bursting crackers during Diwali.

Having said all that, I personally regard Id and Christmas as far more civilized festivals than Holi, Dussera or Diwali. Somehow, the celebrations during these Hindu festivals have progressively degenerated over the years. We create unbearable air and noise pollution during Diwali (with crackers), water pollution during Dussera and Ganesh festival (by submerging millions of statues in rivers), and human body pollution & social disturbance during Holi (by forcefully spraying colors on others and getting drunk on streets).
I hope one day, these festivals would also evolve, and reach a stage where the only thing they spread is happiness, and nothing else.

With this, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!

Original Christmas PJ-
Sardar #1: “Who is the brother of Santa Clause??”
Sardar #2: “Banta Clause!!”


chaos said...

I fully agree with you...

whatever,... the best part of the festivities are the food... this time it's cakes!!!! yummm.... :-)

The Comic Project said...

You go on TCP soon...verrry soon :-) What is the core competence of the USA? Outsourcing!!!!!!! cheeky

the_new_cloud said...

I dont agree ..
I feel Indian festivals are more lively... :-)

Nikhil Kulkarni said...

I would also agree with 'The New Cloud' aka Sallu ... Indian festivals are more lively .. but yes we do need to look into the environmental aspects and may be change the quality of festivities e.g. use non-polluting (less-polluting) and noise free crackers etc ..

Sanjukta said...

I Agree...though we shouldn't be comparing...

Diwali - huge waste of money on crackers which also involves child labour
Holi - one or two accidents and rapes bound to occur
Dussherah - extreme water pollution

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year