Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Enigmatic Emotion..

“Hope.. It is the quintessential human delusion.. simultaneously the source of it’s greatest strength and greatest weakness..” – The Architect to Neo, Matrix Reloaded.

Hope is a most double edged emotion.. While it can make you tide over seas of despair, it can also cause the greatest anguish, when not fulfilled..

They say, “As long as there is hope, there is life”.. Hope makes you battle against all odds.. continue to fight a losing battles.. and come back to fight another day..

At the same time, Gautam Buddha said “Hope is the prime reason for all human despair”.. Every speck of sadness in human life is due to a hope not fulfilled..
If we cease expecting returns for all our endeavors, we would not feel wretched on not achieving them.. If we cease hoping, we would be a much happier species..

P.S.- I HOPE what I just wrote made some sense.. :)


Nikhil Kulkarni said...

It did make some sense, but pray, why did you write it ??
I mean there's gotta b some background - some incident - some observation that pricked you to paraphrase your philosophical occupation. It would help if you elaborate that too.

Shubham said...

some things are better left unsaid.......
i HOPE you understand :)

Sanjukta said...

I disagree with Gautam Buddha...

If we don't hope to achieve, reach somewhere..why live then...let's just die

Have hope