Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The End of the Beginning

It’s over.. finally and officially.. I have finished something I have been pursuing for the last 20 years.. Yes, my student life has ended.. With the results of the final project in my B-school out, (in which an AB grade and managed to tip my overall CGPA beyond the honours limit, i.e. above 8.5), I have finished off on a high note a journey full of many other such highs :D

Today, my mind drifts to some remote corners of the past.. to the beginning and end of each chapter of this blissful story.. Back to the 1st interview of my life, 20 years ago, when my parents took the 3 year old me for the admission interview of KG class.. when the Principal of the school asked the most probing questions, like pointing towards various objects in his room and asking me to name them.. Then many years later, to the school farewell party, which I almost didn’t attend as it was scheduled a couple of days before our higher secondary exams.. Then to the 1st day of college, when I was the only person out of 360 other freshers, who was violating the 1st year dress code by wearing a sports shoe.. And then, to the college farewell party, which I could not attend as I was away for my admission in B-school (this remains as perhaps the biggest regret of my student life).. And finally to the happiest couple of years of my life, spent in that hill station in the midst of Mumbai..

These years were also times for creating the most enjoyable and deep-rooted friendships.. Bonds with people which will hopefully last a lifetime.. Guys like Manish, Prayas, Nikhil, Saurabh, Sabya.. I doubt if I will ever make friends who would be closer to me than these blokes were.. or rather.. are..

When I was in primary school, I used to wonder.. When will I grow up?? When will I be free of regular studies, homework, tests and exams?? Elders do not have to do any of this.. When will my student days be over?? Now that they ARE finally over, I can’t help but feel “the grass is always greener on the other side..”

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Nikhil Kulkarni said...

gr8 post anyway .. but I REPEAT!