Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"Tag"-of-War :-)

Well Nikhil, you wish is fulfilled.. Belatedly though, but I am finally obliging you by getting tagged :-)..
I have never been an avid reader.. Although my father had a full fledged library at our home, replete with books on virtually any topic under the sun.. I could never push my lazy self into delving into the literary world during my childhood.. But my appetite for reading has increased many fold of over the last 4 years.. 2 people, one a very close friend; and another someone I have met only twice; have been the major influencers in converting to a book lover..
I believe in start-to-finish reading.. Always prefer to finish a book as soon as I can.. Never been one who would continue reading a book in bits and pieces over weeks and months.. Hence, a train journey is my favorite reading environment..

Enough of ruminations... Now let’s get down to business..

Total Number of Books I Own:
Hard copy:- approximately 20
Soft copy:- countless

Last Books I Bought:
The Godfather- by Mario Puzo
First Amongst Equals- by Jefferey Archer

Last Book I Read:
Fiction:- The Gofather- by Mario Puzo

Non-fiction:- Distant Neighbours- by Kuldeep Naiyar

Books I Loved:

The Da Vinci Code, Deception point, Digital fortress- all by Dan Brown
Fist of God, Day of the Jackal, Devil’s Alternative, Icon- all by Fredrick Forsyth
Wings Of Fire- by APJ Abdul Kalam
India Unbound- by Gurcharan Das
The Goal- by Eliyahu M Goldratt

The McKinsey Way- by Ethan M. Rasiel
Brief History of Time- by Stephan Hawking
Black Holes and Baby Universes- by Stephan Hawking

Cosmos- by Carl Sagan
Odyssey-Pepsi to Apple- by John Sculley

Book I endured-
The Other Side of Midnight- by Sydney Sheldon
Unfinished book-
None.. Hate leaving books unfinished..

And 5 Blogs I read regularly-
Nikhil – No prizes for guessing why :-)
Manish- My oldest friend
Ganesh- Love his wit
GWBE- Simply brilliant
Khetan- My “Eldorado” wing mate


Girl With Big Eyes said...

Dude you tagged me before I could tag you :P

Shubham said...

Great to know that u were thinking of tagging me.. :)

the_new_cloud said...

BHai... am back...
Sorry for being so so so many days away from your blog....
first of all happy bdday again...My party is due...
Yaar tere ghar par rakhi kitaabei dekh kar mai har baar dar jaata hu....
I always thought that u were a avid reader.. and am surprised to know that u owned only 20 books.. i thought they were more..

Shubham said...

yaar sallu, as i had mentioned in the post, the library in my house was setup by my dad.. and not me.. i have not even read most of the books over there.. 20 is the no. of books that i have bought and read..

anyway, good to see u back on my blog.. hoping to read many more comments from u.. :)