Sunday, June 12, 2005

Lessons of a lifetime

Time: July 1999

Place: PET Counseling Center, Bhopal

Background: Me and my parents there select the branch and engineering college for my B.E.

Incident: While roaming around amidst the hundreds of students and guardians in the center, mom noticed a familiar face.. It was that of the Gardener in her college in Bilaspur (mom was a Prof. of Economics there).. When mom went to him and enquired about the reason of his presence.. he said that he was there with his son, who had secured a rank of 700 in PET.. He wanted to get him admitted into a govt. college, coz. he could not afford the higher fees demanded by the private institutes.. Mom turned back at me and said something which I would never forget in my life.. She said, “Here is a son of a poor gardener.. who could probably not even afford to buy books to study.. and still managed to get a rank of 700, through sheer handwork and determination.. where as you, who in spite of having all the facilities in the world.. could just manage a rank of 918.. all because of your lethargy and overconfidence”..
I had never felt more ashamed of myself in my life…

Lesson: “Success is 1 percent inspiration.. and 99 percent perspiration”
Time: 1998

Place: Bilaspur

Background: Me going to school on my kinetic

Incident: While driving, I saw that the man approaching me on a two-wheeler from the opposite direction, had his head-lights on.. As a natural reaction, I was about to make a signal to him indicating the same, so that he could switch them off.. Suddenly, I realized.. that I myself had my head-lights on!!! I would have made a monumental mockery of myself if I had signaled the guy to switch off his lights, while my lights were still on!!..
I quickly switched off my head-lights.. But by then, the guy had already passed me..

Lesson: “Practise before you preach”

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