Tuesday, October 12, 2004

"Arbit Choudhury"

A collection of "Arbit Choudhury"- The 1st ever B-schol comic strip.

The Making of "Arbit"-

OBJECTIVE: To create the 1st ever B-school comic strip.

STEP 1: Create the character
a). Decide on who should the lead character represent.
As the strip was meant for B-school junta, the lead character was picked as a B-school student.
b). Decide the name of the strip/character. After much deliberation, the character was christened “Arbit Choudhury”.
c). Design the character sketch. The likes, dislikes, aims, aspirations, habits, behavior, talents of the comic hero were defined. The final character sketch was as follows-

“Arpit Choudhury is a typical 2nd Year MBA student of a leading B-school. His life revolves around all the daily chores of a MBA education. Tests, assignments, presentations, competitions, case studies, net-surfing, chatting, ctrl+C, ctrl+V are as much part of his daily routine as food, drinks, friends and girl-friends are. Sleep is word not present in his Dictionary. As any other management grad., he dreams big, and farts bigger. He often finds himself juggling with the concepts of strategy, logistics, marketing, finance etc., and tries (in vain) to apply these in real life situations. He has come to believe- “Management is an Art… And Art is a 4 letter word, with a 'F' silent ” !’”....
His wisecracks frequently have everyone rolling in mirth. Perturbed by his penchant for blurting business balderdash, his friends jokingly call him “ARBIT Choudhury”......”

d). Design the appearance. Design of the wardrobe, the hirestyle, and looks was done.

STEP 2: Generate Ideas
a). Think of original ideas.
Days were spent pondering over humor in common B-school situations, application of management funda in real life and so on.
b). Take ideas from the environments. Ideas were taken from friends and classmates.
c). Test ideas on Humor scale. Ideas were presented to a test audience, for their feedback.

STEP 3: Sketch
a). Visualize the setting.
Common B-school environs were visualized.. canteen, library, class, stairs and so on.
b). Draw draft with pencil.
c). Refine Draft. The draft sketch was checked for proportions and aesthetics.
d). Finalize Draft. After all refinements, the draft was finalized by bordering with pen. At this stage, the strip looked something like this-

STEP4: Colour
a). Scan drawing.
b). Decide the colour combinations.

c). Fill colours using Photoshop. After this, the image looked somewhat like this-

d). Put title bar on top.
e). Fill in the dialogues. And finally, an edition of the 1st ever B-school comic strip gets created.


the_new_cloud said...

WTH??? Ideas tested on humor scale?? But I was not called for the suggestions...
PJs apart.
Gr8 work dude..
Ab MBA ki duniya ke tum Pran ho....

Govar said...

Awesome work d00d.

Govar. IIMI-06.

Ameya said...

Awesome work!!! Congratulations Shubham and Hemantkumar.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Being an MBA from Delhi School and a Consultant by Profession i could relate well to the concept:-)

Good work Dude!