Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Road to El Dorado..

The hostels in my B-school are one of the best in the country.. Spacious rooms.. Single occupancy.. Attached bathrooms.. And if all that was not enough, my hostel has balconies with each room as well..

Each hostel wing has 8 rooms.. Sometime back, some of my batchmates came up with innovative names of their wings.. one was christened as ‘Banjara Hills’, another as ‘Raisina Hills’, and yet another as ‘Utopia’.. My wing is full of ingenious creatures as well.. So, one fine night, in the midst of our module exams, we decided to name our wing as well.. After lots of discussions and deliberations, we finally named our wing as ‘El Dorado’.. Let me introduce you to all the residents of ‘El Dorado’ one by one..

Room 244.. S.G. .. a.k.a. “shabby”.. One of the chillax guys.. Great sports enthusiast.. Has perpetual PC problems.. Gives his own continuous commentary while watching cricket matches..
Room 243.. U.T. .. a.k.a. “gulti”.. Occupies all posts of President available in campus.. Roteract, CIE, Spic macay and so on.. Perpetually worried.. about grades, girls and his receding hair line.. Not unusual to find him, entering my room at 2.30 in the night to say, “Am feeling dead sleepy man.. Can you wake me up in an hour?”
Room 242.. N.K. .. a.k.a. “boiler baba”.. Have already written a lot about him.. Will just add here that his nickname owes it’s origin to his habit of boiling over in agitation on the smallest of debatable topics, and his seeming dis-interest in most worldly things..
Room 241.. S.C. .. a.k.a. “CR”.. Spends half his day sleeping.. And the other half, planning the class schedules for the rest of the week.. Cracks crazy PJs all the time.. Eats cricket, drinks cricket, dreams cricket...
Room 240.. G.K. .. Volunteers for everything under the sun.. Great at extra-curriculars.. Has a rather dubious bulging belly.. Has the incredible god-gifted ability to sleep and read novels right under the prof’s nose..
Room 239.. A.M. .. a.k.a. “the boss”.. Tall, dark, handsome.. Knows the serial no. of each book in the library.. Arguably the best quizzard in the B-school.. Bowls over girls with his brand of dashing sincerity...
Room 238.. M.D. .. He’s the Ritchie Rich of the batch.. Has the fairest and most painstakingly maintained complexion.. Keeps more cosmetics than the entire girl’s hostel put together.. Guess where he did his summers....... L'Oreal.. where else..
Room 237.. A.K. .. a.k.a. “AK47”.. The grand old man of our B-school.. worked for eons in Wipro.. Even profs. treat him with respect.. Has great passion for photography..

“El Dorado” is a picture of unity in diversity.. We’ve got people of all ages, all CGPAs, various amts of hair on their heads, wide ranging creative competencies....... It might not be the “city of gold”, but it’s got something for everyone.. young or old....


Anonymous said...

Hi Shubham,
nice of you to make a mention of my name and that too in such a positive context.... varna yaha hostel mein to mera deemag kha jaata hai ye bangali.... anyways, ours is a phuntastic wing and more than anything else, i will remember the name of the wing "El Dorado".... the name that we all came to keep so unanimously .... how unique can anyone ever get at keeping names, huh?

Anonymous said...

Hi Siar..

I just came across your blog while I was searching for my name on google, and was jst wondering that who has been talking abt me.

Going thru it was a revelation and I am really surprised of the witty way tat u can write.

As per my skin goes, it is only by the virtue of my birth and not by desgins, these days I dont even have the time to bathe....

Chal anyways thnx for putting my name on Google !


Nikhil Kulkarni said...

tracked back to your blog from my 'hit-list' ;-)
Remembering old days, EL Dorado was really a diverse wing ... but I also remember room no 148 in hostel-1 that I lived in for the initial 3-4 months of NITIE (u were in room 143 then).. the peculiarity of that wing was the room 148 onwards (ie. starting myself) everyone had managed to get an F grade in Statistics exam :P
Only people who passed stats in the 1st attempt in that hostel were Dutta and Khetan :))

Shubham said...

correction, my initial room was 144..
thanks to ur comment, i went thru this post today after ages.. i guess i can now change my description to "eats arbit, drinks arbit, dreams arbit..."