Sunday, May 23, 2004

The place were I always wanted to be...

NITIE had always been my dream b-school.. From the time my brother, who was then a student of the institute, told me about it, and showed some pictures.. It was unbelievable that such pristine natural beauty could exist right in the middle of the cauldron of Mumbai..

Entering the gates, is almost like crossing a worm-hole (forgive the metaphysics).. You seem to be transported from a metropolis to a hill station in an instant.. What with the hilly landscape, the scenic pond near the hostels, the classrooms perched on the hill-top... And who can miss the Vihar and Powai lakes in their full glory..

Most b-school campuses are incredibly beautiful.. But students hardly get enough time to enjoy their beauty.. But this is not the case with NITIE.. You can always squeeze some time to wander on the winding road to the top.. or lounge near the pond.. or disappear into the esoteric banks of Vihar lake..

But then, all is not fair and lovely in campus.. Many have spotted an unwanted tourist in the environs of NITIE off late, a leopard.. He seems to be on the lookout for dinner at nights.. Unfortunately, I have not yet had the privilege of meeting this most elusive inhabitant of my b-school.. Maybe someday I will.. But then, I may not be around to blog about it next time...........

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