Thursday, May 27, 2004

it's a Jungle out there....

When I recently saw some swanky and futuristic buildings in a few ads (ex. the Fiat Palio ad with Sachin), I wondered where those were located.. Bangalore was my bet.. or Hyderabad.. in the Hi Tech City.. I was wrong.. when I went to the Bandra Kurla Complex for the 1st time, I was nothing short of amazed.. The humongousness and extravagance of the concrete structures is something to behold..

And guess what, I am placed right in the middle of BKC (i.e. Bandra Kurla Complex) for the whole 2 months of my summer internship.. Looking out of the window of my office, I can constantly see the gargantuan structures of IL&FS,ICICI, NABARD etc... not that the building I am working in is too far behind.. I must add......
Just to bring things in perspective.. the cost of my building was 125 crore.. And it is one of the smaller ones around.. The only thing I hate about the place is the lack of greenery.. Not a single tree in the entire area..

Having seen the area in so many ads and movies, I expected to be witness to at least one such shooting during my internship.. That almost didn't happen.. But today (with just 1 week to go before I wind up my project), as I was entering my office, I saw a temporary shooting setup being made right in front.. An hour later, a galaxy of filmstars decended on the scene.. Akshay Kumar, Tussar Kapoor, Esha Deol, Archana Puran Singh, Laxmikant Berde (remember him?), and the guy who was the villain in Gulam (forgot his name).. They shot a few scenes and then disappeared..

Gone are the days when the leading couple used to run around trees.. They still run around in a jungle.. But nowerdays, it's in a Concrete Jungle.................

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the_new_cloud said...

Right said dude..
its a concrete jungle everywhere..
Gr8 u saw akshay??
Autograph nahi liya kya??Well hope that they continue the shooting again tomorrow..
Next time bhoolna mat.. Do take one autograph from Akshay for me..