Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The ultimate Sachin Tendulkar interview

When you hear interviews of most team mates of Sachin Tendulkar, they, apart from praising his humble nature and hardwork, also mention that he has a keen understanding of the game. However, this aspect is never explored by interviewers when they interview Sachin. All they ask him about are run-of-the-mill questions about his love for the game, his response to the praise he receives from people etc. I am waiting for the day when a good cricket analyst gets to interview him and asks some truly cricketing questions, that would give an insight into how his cricketing mind worked.

Here are some questions I would like to ask him -

1. Over his long career, there were a few instances where he got distracted by the sight screen not being in position or someone walking past the sight screen, and got out soon. This seemed to happen more to him than other batsmen. Did such distractions during an inning break his concentration to a great extent?

2. Sachin has been dismissed by debutants a number of times in test cricket. He has also stated in the past that he sometimes does not like facing part time bowlers. There was an instance in South Africa, where he asked Dravid to take strike against the bowling of Cronje and he would face Donald, as he was not reading Cronje well. What is the reason behind his dismissals to debutants and part timers? Is it because he has not had a chance to analyse their bowling before hand?

3. The concept of benefit of doubt to the batsman has gone out of the game in case of LBWs since the DRS has been introduced. Umpires are more inclined to give line calls out than before. And even if they give the line calls not out, many of them are overturned after replays. We know that BCCI's opposition to DRS started after the 2008 Indian tour to Sri Lanka, when Ajanta Mendis got most of our top batsman out LBW through DRS. Do you think Indian top order of the time was worried about getting LBW more often due to DRS, and this was the main reason for their opposition to it?

4. We have never seen Sachin get angry after a bad umpiring decision. However, we have noticed that he sometimes take deep breaths on his way back to the pavilion after a bad decision. Is that his way of calming himself? When did he feel most agitated by a bad decision and how did he deal with it?

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