Thursday, December 10, 2009

Favorite Star Trek Episodes

As a big Star Trek fan (of The Original Series, not The Next Generation) since my childhood, I was pleasantly surprised to see that most episodes of The Original Series up on Youtube a couple of months back. Since then, I have seen most of them again on weekends. Here is my list of favorite episodes.

1. Space Seed (Sci-fi at it's best)
2. The City on the Edge of Forever (Most critically acclaimed)
3. Tomorrow is Yesterday (Sheer time travel fun)
4. Amok Time (Spock's "human" side)
6. The Enemy Within (Great concept of good and evil)
7. The Devil in the Dark (Moral tale)
8. Spectre of the Gun (Shades of Matrix philosophy)
9. The Corbomite Maneuver (Core Star Trek concept)
10. The Way to Eden (Hippies in the Star Trek universe)


Susindhar said...

I know nothing about Star Trek and thought of trying the links on your blog. None of them work. Are they available on the net anywhere else?

Wondering Wanderer said...

Hi Susindhar,
Wonder why the links are not working for you. They are working fine for me.
You can go to and search for "Star Trek: The Original Series". It should take you to the page that has links to all episodes.

Susindhar said...

I am able to search for them from youtube and see them. Not able to go there from your blog.
Anyways, first Star Trek Experience. Keeping my fingers crossed. :)