Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Similarities between IPL and Elections

Both will begin and end together..
Both will be highly entertaining..
Both will contain many controversies..
Both will cause a Media frenzy..
Both will result in record TV ratings..
Both have obscene amounts of money at stake..
Both involve Corporate funding..
Both involve buying and selling of people..
Both have number games..
Both have Bollywood Celebs involved..
Both involve heavy Marketing and Propaganda..
Both their key players will make millions..
Both feed on strong regional allegiances..
Both involve many weird acronyms (KKR, NCP, BJD etc.)..
Both have "foreign" participation..
Both will capture the imagination of the nation..
Both will not change the life of the common man..


Milind M. Tapaswi said...

The last line is the telling one!! Indeed neither makes any difference to the immediate life of the common man, though i believe Elections (if decisive in favour of any national party) could swing the country in a certain direction affecting the common man.

Nikhil Kulkarni said...

Good to see a post on your blog

shoOOonya said...

Both inspired Shubham ... enough to make him post his first blog post of 2009 after several monsth of blog-slience !!

chaos said...

taps... with indian elections, you can't have high hopes for common man!

Bottom line made the kill! :D

Funny videos said...

I love your blog keep it up so I can keep reading.