Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nonsense Rhymes - XIII

A part of me wants..
To bury the past,
As I can neither change it nor bear the pain..
To overcome the angst,
As I can no longer withstand the strain..
To erase all traces of wounds,
and reboot with a new vein..

Yet.. another part wants..
To preserve the memories,
However painful they may be..
As they have helped me grow wiser,
They are a part of ME..
I want the scars to remain,
As a reminder of the battles fought and lost with destiny..


Whats in a Name said...


Really good post...
This must be one of your best ones....

Chhaya said...

really good one yaar...
as they say - scars are tattos with better stories...
sometimes pain is the best inspiration :)