Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Online Habits

My 5 Favorite Websites:-
1. Wikipedia
2. Cricinfo
3. Orkut
4. IBNLive
5. Moneycontrol

Favorite Browser:-
Mozilla Firefox

Google Tools and Services I use:-
1. Reader
2. Docs and Spreadsheets
3. Bookmark
4. Calendar
5. Picassa
6. Maps
7. Checkout
8. Gmail Mobile
9. Alert

Tagging Nikhil, Hemant, Manish and Abhishek to share their online habits.

Update:- Nikhil , Manish and Abhishek have responded to the tag.


Nikhil Kulkarni said...

Hey! You forgot Google Mail ...

Wondering Wanderer said...

Mentioning "I use Google Mail" is like saying "I drink water" :-)
Everyone does it..

Also, since you need a single id for all Google applications, one cannot use all the applications I mentioned without using Gmail..

the_new_cloud said...

Maine aapke tag ka jawab de diya hai apne blog par....
Chalo is bahaane maine blogging to kari.... :-P