Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Arbit Choudhury- 100 not out !!

It was a sunny winter afternoon in 2004 - me, Hemant and Nikhil were sitting in the B-school hostel, enjoying the sunshine and chitchatting about random things when someone sent a huge collection of comics on the LAN. We flipped through some comics and were not particularly perked up - we did not particularly relate to the humour.
All of us mulled over the thought that nowadays it was much more fun to spoof management jargon which we learnt in class, in our day to day life. Why isn't there such a concept in comics - there is Archie which pokes at school life, Laxman's cartoons poking at social affairs, even Doonesbury poking at politics. As we wondered, the feeling grew upon us that Management Jargon was one of the most 'attractive' fields to poke at - and more so as you make fun of it - you indeed are also helping simplify its understanding.
These thoughts which were seeded in the winter of 2004, bore fruit in the summers and Arbit Choudhury was born, which we launched in September 2004. We have come a ling way since then till today, when we released the 100th comic strip in the Arbit Choudhury series. have enjoyed every moment of creating humour out of management jargon - and as feedback from Arbit fans keeps confirming time and again, we are sure fans across the world have been enjoying the same.
On this occasion, we thank all our fans - professionals, consultants, professors and students as much as we thank the management gurus who create the jargon for us to find humour in. The centenary comic strip celebrates the quintessential property of an MBA as a tribute to all our fans ;-).

We - the Arbit Choudhury team - wish that we keep enjoying this journey and celebrate many more such milestones!!!

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