Saturday, December 29, 2007

Having a Blast !!

Overheard on a Hyderabad-Mumbai flight....

A:- How long have you been in Hyderabad?

B:- 2 years. I work for an IT company here. What about you?

A:- I live in Mumbai. Just came here for a week.

B:- So how did you like Hyderabad?

A:- Nice place, but I was kind of scared by the recent bomb blasts here.

B:- Oh, the one in Lumbini Park? In fact, I was around that place on the fateful day.

A:- Really!!

B:- I was travelling in an auto-rickshaw when I noticed a lot of commotion. On enquiring, I came to know that a major bomb blast had taken place in nearby Lumbini Park. The auto-rickshaw wallah, who appeared to be quite disturbed to hear this, asked me if he could take a diversion and pass in front of the park, so that he could see the scene of the mishap. I agreed.

A:- Then what?

B:- We went near the blast site. As expected, it has not a pleasent scene. The injured were being rushed to ambulences, the police were trying to control the crowd and the media had arrived in full force to cover the tragedy. After a couple of minutes, I asked the auto-wallah to take me to my destination. When I received, I checked the meter, and handed over the fare to him. To my surprise, he asked me for 30 extra bucks. When I asked him why, he replied in his Hyderabadi accent "क्या साब, मैंने आप्कू इतना बढ़िया बोम्ब ब्लास्ट दिखलाया.. कुछ तो ज्यादा पैसे दो.. ऐसा सीन आप्कू रोज़ थोड़ी देखनेकू मिलेगा !! (I showed you such a wonderful bomb blast. Please pay me something extra. After all, you wont get to witness such a scene everyday!!)

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