Saturday, April 21, 2007

American Bhai :-)

Life is sprinkled with numerous tiny anecdotes, which though inconsequential in the larger scheme of things, give one a chance to sit back and smile for a while, and enjoy the occasion.

During a flight from Delhi to Hyderabad in January this year, my neighboring seats were occupied by an Indian Lawyer from Delhi, and an American.
As the flight touched town at the N.T.Ramarao Airport, the delhi-ite remarked “This is my 1st visit to this place. I wonder what the weather would be like over here. Hope it won’t be as bitterly cold as Delhi.”
And the American replied, “You need not worry my friend. Hyderabad is very pleasant this time of the year. The temperature should be around 25-30 degrees Celsius. And it wont be as sticky and humid as Mumbai or Chennai either.”

For someone used to hearing stories about the West’s ignorance about India, seeing a westerner know more about India than another Indian, was a welcome comic relief.

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SAURABH said...

I don't agree with this post as you generalizing one person comment with whole country. Americans have habit of checking weather conditions where ever they go.This statement (fact) falsify your conclusion. ;-)