Friday, February 02, 2007

Nonsense Rhymes - Part VII

Though this one does not technically qualify as a 'Nonsense Rhyme', I am putting it under the same heading for sake of convenience.

Have you ever met a person,
Who has all that he wishes in life?
To achieve anything in this world,
One must put something else at strife.

The world is not perfect,
Nor is any person.
Whining about life,
Will never take you to a destination.

Know what you need,
Know what you need more.
Prioritize your goals,
Then set right the score.

If you can change something for the better,
Do it with all your might.

But never waste your time,
Worrying about things you cannot set right.

Think twice, think thrice,
Before giving anything a try.
But never look back,
To moan on a milestone gone by.

The Complete Collection of "Nonsense Rhymes" can be found here.


chaos said...

seems like you just came out of a workshop on art of living (or something similar) ... too much of gyan ... very unlike you...

Harsha said...

chaos echoing my thoughts :)

Shubham said...

@Chaos, Harsha,
Nonsense has it's own nuances :-)