Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nonsense Rhymes - Part IV (Challenge Life!!)

Life, at times, gives you a choice..
To stay in your cocoon,
Or venture into the unknown.

It's easy to be happy,
With life as it is..
Why break the status-quo,
When all is at ease.

Why do a thing you have never done before?
Why move off the beaten trail?
If you never take a risk..
At least, you will never fail.

Then something tells you,
Life is but a one-way lane..
Give up on a dream,
And you may never chase it again.
He who never throws the dice,
May never lose..
But he will also never know,
What it feels to win.

You will forever look back,
To wonder what might have been.
No one can change the past,
Till they invent the time machine.
Why not strive and loose,
Than die wondering.

And so you decide,
To put all at stake..
Throw caution to the wind,
Leaving the rest to fate.

Statutory Warning:- Reading nonsense poetry is injurious to mental health.


Ganesh Iyer said...

dude ....this is anything but nonsense ...very well written....looking forward to more of your profound rhymes ....

shoOOonya said...

This is nonsensically GoOOoD Stuff ...

Vo kehte hain na ...

Jeevan ki Sachchai ...
Bhai ..
humein to kisi ne nahin batayee :)

Sensitivesmile said...

Cool........lovely piece of nonsense poetry.....still it has some sense in it!!!

chaos said...

agree with Ganesh... this nonsense of yours making too much of sense... after a long time a good original post from you... ;)

Shubham said...

@Ganesh, Shoooonya, Sensitivesmile, Chaos,

Thanks for those compliments..
I will try to keep more Nonsense Rhymes flowing in the future :-)