Saturday, September 16, 2006

Google Before Gargle :-)

In 1996, two university students were cutting their meal expenses in order to save money to be invested in their research project - BackRub. Back then people started their research work from libraries; 'BackRub' changed the way research is begun - today research starts at Google.
In the past couple of years, Google has become a phenomenon - a noun, which is now a verb, being synonymous with search.

I am a self-professed Google Maniac. I use more than 10 different Google services daily. As I have mentioned before, the growth of Arbit Choudhury owes a lot to Google. Google has helped me, Hemant and Nikhil seamlessly co-ordinate and synchronies our activities from 3 different parts of the world. Archiving truckloads of fan mails on GMail, discussing Arbit plans on GChat, scheduling Arbit activities on Google Calender, simultaneously working on Arbit documents on Writely, and reaching out to Arbit fans through Orkut, Google has been the life blood of Arbit e-volution.
And we are not alone. Google, with it’s innovation and imagination, as won over the hearts of net-izans across the world. Google’s core strength lies in offering users products and services way beyond their expectations, and in doing so, transforming the entire landscape of the industry. Right from creating the revolutionary PageRank algorithm for search, to providing virtually unlimited storage and handy conversation based GMail, to seamlessly integrating Messenger services with e-mail, Google has constantly given it’s user more than they ever hoped for. And by doing this, it has left all competition playing a hopeless catch-up game.

With all the wonderful innovations Google has brought so far, it has also raised the bar for itself in the future. Google users will continue to expect such extra-ordinary innovations in the future too. Quoting a famous Sidhuism, “The best way to make people remember good deeds is to keep repeating them”, Google will have to continue surprising people with wonderful products and services in future too. And I have no doubt they will succeed.

In it’s birthday month, here is Arbit Choudhury’s tribute to the phenomenon called Google..
P.S.:- Click on the phrase to know more about "Google Before Gargle" :-)

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