Friday, June 23, 2006

Nonsense Rhymes - Part III

Presenting the 3rd edition of Nonsense Rhymes.

Why do I feel sad,
For loosing something I never had..
Why does the pain not go away,
Why does it linger on, and cause such dismay..
Time is the best healer, so I was taught,
But healing would take so long, I never thought..
Why isn’t the human mind like a PC,
Why isn’t shift+deleting the pain that easy..

Statutory Warning:- Reading nonsense poetry is injurious to mental health.


chaos said...

this is definetly no non-sense stuff... you can't just make my life story non-sense ;)

Shubham said...

hi chaos,
my lines seem to have struck one of ur sensitive nerves :)
nice to know that u can relate to the lines..

How do we know said...

this is too cool.. and no, it is NOT injurious to health at all. in fact, its very gud for health.. a healthy dose of nonsense everyday!