Sunday, May 07, 2006

Life is Beautiful

Two most unexpected things happened to me last week, bringing some joy into the otherwise mundane goings-on in life.

Last Sunday, I met an old school mate of mine, who had located me on Orkut. As we hugged each other, his 1st words to me were, "10 years.. We meet after 10 years.. I guess we have a lot of catching up to do..". It is times like these, when someone mentions such long periods of time, that you begin to realise, you have already spent a considerable amount of time on Planet Earth. As we sat together to rewind and replay our experiences over all those years, both of us when through a mixed bag of emotions. As we parted later, he said to me "You have not changed one bit." I replied, "Neither have you."

The 2nd event hit me like a jolt (an pleasant jolt, I must add). As I was sloggin it out in office the other day, I got a call from another good old pal. He and another batchmate of his (who is also a friend of mine) had decided to tie the knot after a 3 year long friendship. For the next half hour, all my colleagues in office kept getting constantly perplexed by the mysterious smile on my face. It is funny how one can feel as happy for someone else, as one does for himself. That day, I had fully understood the meaning of "vicarious".

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