Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Tagged by Manish and Nikhil, here is my list of 20 kinds of people and things I have just cannot stand (Things mentioned are not in any order):-

1. Mohinder Amarnath on Fourth Umpire.
2. Krish Srikanth on Fourth Umpire.
3. Atul Wasan on Fourth Umpire.
4. Tussar Kapoor in a movie.
5. Isha Deol in a movie.
6. Govinda David Dhawan combination.
7. “Unreal” Reality Shows.
8. Script writers of Ekta Kapoor Serials.
9. Navjot Sidhu laughing in “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge”.
10. Bank Agents who keep calling up week after week, offering credit cards, even after being rejected several times.
11. People who ask “Blog? What is that?”
12. Girls who think painting their hair red, green and brown makes them look more beautiful.
13. People who do not use Gmail.
14. People who ask “What are you doing on this Valentine’s Day?”
15. Shahid Afridi batting against India.
16. People who still believe India was better off before liberalization.
17. Leftists.
18. People who can’t understand my PJs .
19. Bappi Lahiri’s jewellary.
20. People with a head full of hair.


the_new_cloud said...

Bappi Lahiri.. LOL..
How did i miss him..
And hair color too... I wished I could use them :-P
Shahid Afridi is out of the next match . Teri nazar lag gai..

Nikhil Kulkarni said...

Head full of hair :))) LOL ;-)