Sunday, November 06, 2005

Kahani Puri Filmy Hai !!

Whenever I watch a romantic flick, I wonder if such stuff can happen in real life, or is all that too outlandish to be true. Today, I recall the most “filmy” love story I have witnessed in my life, one which could easily become the next Yash Chopra blockbuster.

This happened when I was in College (Don’t all love stories happen there?). There was this friend of mine, tall, fair, drop-dead handsome. And if all that was not enough, he was damn good at studies too. He was the kind of guy who could bowl over any girl, any time. But his introvert nature went against his macho good looks. He would prefer to spend his leisure time on the cricket field, rather that hanging around with girls.

Then one day, (like in any Hindi movie), the love bug finally bit our hero. He was bowled over by another girl in his class. They had a lot in common. She too was drop dead gorgeous, and pretty good at studies. She too wanted to pursue higher studies in the US like him. The only difference was the fact that, while he was a “Punjab da Puttar”, she was a Tamilian Brahmin. Soon, our hero proposed to her. It was an offer she could not refuse.

Soon, the couple became the Dharmendra-Hema Malini of our college. They formed a perfect pair. The 2 most good looking and intelligent people in campus were together. This invited a loads of jealousy from various corners as well. Many said, now that the 2 had lost their bearings in love, their academics would suffer, and their grades would drop. Such ill-wishers were in for a nasty surprise. As their affair began to blossom, both stated doing even better in studies.
Life had never been so good….


(Enough of mushy stuff?? Want some tear-jerking emotions?? Read on..)

Soon, it was time for both of them to appear for GRE. She appeared 1st, and cleared the exam with flying colours. It was his turn now. But (like any standard twist of fate in a Hindi film), he flunked. For the next few months, he was a distraught man, trying in vain to overcome his failure. During all this, their relationship slowly drifted apart as well.

Suddenly one day, I noticed that our hero had stopped shaving. He had started playing “Tadap tadap ke is dil se aah nikalti rahi” on his comp in full blast all day. Every evening, he would come to me and say, “Dost! Koi senti gana suna..”. Sometimes, he would utter philosophically, “Dost! Why am I doing all this?? What is the meaning of life?? I feel like quitting studies and running off to the Himalayas..”

“OK!! So they have broken off!!” I said to myself. If this is what love gets you into, I am happy sitting in the pavilion.

I never quite came to know the real reason for their break-up. The most common theory floating around the campus was that the girl’s family (who were highly educated and conservative) had veto-ed the relationship, since he came form a business background, and belonged to a different caste. Cynics believed she had broken-off with him since he had flunked in GRE, and hence was no longer worthy of her.

Now what could be the next twist in the storyline of a typical Bollywood potboiler?? The hero would slowly overcome his grief, and begin to work hard. He would appear for GRE again, and clear it with flying colors. Right? Yes, that’s exactly what happened. Our hero got 2nd time lucky and cracked GRE big time.


It was the final day of college. The farewell party was on in full swing. The heroine comes back to speak to the hero. She tell him, how sorry she was for breaking up with him, how she had suffered all these days, and how eagerly she wanted to re-start their relationship.
But now, it was the turn of our hero, who valued his honour more than anything else, to refuse her offer. He tells her, “You broke off with me after I failed, and have come back after I have succeeded. I am not accusing you of anything, nor am I questioning your intensions. But my heart does not allow me to say “Yes” to you.”
And he walks away.

That was the last time they met. From that day, both of them moved along different paths in their lives. While she went off to the US, he decided to pursue M.Tech. in India.
And they lived happily ever after……

The End.
(Hey! After reading this post, if anyone is thinking of making a movie on it, I WANT MY ROYALTY!!!!!)


Lord of all Things said...

wat losers man!! she topped gre?? how can u top it..? and he flunked gre how can u flunk it

Shubham said...


The heroine did not top GRE, "she passed with flying colors" means she got a great score.

"The hero flunked GRE" means he did so badly in the exam that he cancelled his score.


Adhoora Khayal said...

Reality BITES!!

I hv seen a movie made on this theme.. where success matter more in a relationship rather than Love.. So forget about Royalty ;D

Waqt ke sath sath shayad tum mujhe bhool jaaogi...
fir bhi teri yaadon me mere mehek ki milaavat rahegi !!