Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bludgeoner’s World XI

This cricket season has been one of all sorts of motley cricketing concoctions.. right from the Rest of the World XI, to Asian XI, African XI and so on..

Adding to the flavor of the season, it present to you my own dream team.. one which would pulverize any bowling attack to smithereens.. and would break all scoring rate world records..
Here it is folks..

Virender Sehwag
Adam Gilchrist
Shahid Afridi
Kevin Peterson
Andrew Flintoff
Justin Kemp
Andrew Symonds
MS Dhoni
Brett Lee
Irfan Pathan
Shane Warne

Howz That ???


the_new_cloud said...

I have objections....
1.Dhoni cannot play on backfoot.. He is a slogger and cannot be there with such great names..
2.Your team has 2 wicketkeepers??
3.Where is Mcgrath and Pollock?
4.Where is Lara?Dravid?
5.I would Keep Bond anytime then Lee..
6.I would keep Vaas instead of Pathan.
Kya yaar?? Didnt expect such a pathetic team from you!!!

Nikhil Kulkarni said...

I might be a bit anachronic in my selection but I think either Wasim Akram or Kapil Dev deserve place in every dream team ...

Waise I am just a layman to cricket as compared to you but you can consider this as 'public demand'

Shubham said...

@Cloud and Nikhil,
Guys, I think you have not got the essence of this team.. My endeavor was to come up with a team of the most hard-hitting players in the world, and not with a proper World XI.. I have selected players who may not be prolific run getters, but are most exciting to watch when batting.. I wanted to pick players who beleive every ball needs to be sent into the stands.. Hence, the name of the team is Bludgeoner’s World XI..
Even the bowlers who find a place in the team are known for their big hitting.. That is why McGrath, Pollock, Bond and Vaas are not in the team.. (Although come to think of it, Pollock and Vaas could have been there, since they are decent hitters as well).. And about 2 keepers, didn't Srilanka play with both Sangakara and Kaluwitharana for a long time, didn't Zimbabwe play with Andy Flower and Taibu for a season, and didn't Alec Stewart play as a pure batsman for England for a long time??

Sanjukta said...

Hi Shubham...ever since they sent my beloved Jadeja to Banvaas I to have taken Sanyaas from cricket so no comments on your team...Thanks for dropping by my Blog...and sure you can link me I would be all the more honored.......and am linking you up as well... :-)

The Comic Project said...

If they all click, 500 on the board is guaranted :-)