Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dreamzzz Unlimited

I am a big dreamer.. (in the absolute sense that is.. not in the figurative sense :)).. I dream a lot.. Almost every night.... They say one’s dreams/nightmares say a lot about the mental makeup of a person, as well as reflect what has been on his/her mind of late.. Although I have never had nightmares, most of my dreams are most interesting.. I aim to delve a bit into dreamland in this post.. Hope some psycho-analyst reading my blog will be able to give me a rationale behind my dreams...

I usually dream about familiar events, people and settings.. In most of my dreams, I see my friends (past and present, right from my school days to my days in B-school), family members and other acquaintances.. I see myself chatting to them about general stuff.. The places where I see myself meeting them are also quite common.. my school and college classrooms and playgrounds, my own or my relatives homes etc.

Now for the interesting part, although I mostly dream about familiar things, the space-time context of my dreams are almost always inexplicably convoluted. I see myself chatting to my college friends, but in my school classroom.. I see myself with my relatives living in one part of the world, but in a house in some other part of the world.. I have never quite been able to figure out the reason by these queer mismatches..

As I mentioned earlier, I never have nightmares, but the closest thing to a nightmare I have witnessed were dreams about me getting late for an exam.. and finding out that I had studied for a different paper, than the one which was scheduled that day..

Now for some more surreal stuff.. I don’t know if it is a common occurrence, but at times, when I happen to see some images/events/people in real life, I somehow feel I have witnessed them before, maybe in my dreams.. Now before you begin to think I am a complete psycho, let me assure that these fleeting recollections dont last any more than a split second.. Alas, no “100 Days” type of storyline here..

Now for the strangest dream I have ever had.. Just about a week back, I saw myself back in my school (which is not unusual, given the warped nature of the space-time context of my dreams).. Suddenly, I saw my 12 year old self in front of me.. And as in any sci-fi flick, Me@24 and Me@12 stood starring at each other..... Just when it was getting most intriguing, the dream faded away....
Over the last week, I have been wondering what would have happened had the dream continued??
What would Me@24 say to Me@12??
Would Me@24 tell Me@12 that he would not achieve his childhood ambition of becoming an Astronaut.. and would end up being an Engineer/MBA??
Would Me@24 ask Me@12 to start taking good care of his hair??
Would Me@24 tell Me@12 that he would not stand 2nd in any exam for the next 10 years??
Would Me@24 persuade Me@12 to be more obedient to his parents??
And would Me@24 quash Me@12’s adolescent dreams by telling him he would never get to play enough cricket, and that he would never have a girlfriend??

Maybe I would.... but then, maybe I would not....

“Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.”


Nikhil Kulkarni said...

Dreams are reflections on the animo-lens (brain-lens) which are formed due to reorganisation of information in our brain. - this I had heard in a discovery program.

While this concept would generally explain all your other dreams - this one per se is unique. Because How can you 'see yourself' - I mean at the age of 12 you would not have seen your own face many times (the few times we see ourselves is only in the mirror which is pretty less to the number of times we see ppl arnd us) .. so it is very peculiar that you can really 'imagine' yourself at 12 ... Really strange ...

On whether you would squash dreams .. i dont think you should .. if you do there is no chance that Shubham@12 will even try to acheive his dreams and so no chance of success... In fact he would stop dreaming altogether if you tell him that he won't achieve them

If u don't squash his dreams, he will atleast try and may be achieve his dreams ... more importantly he won't stop dreaming. he will still keep dreaming .... till one day he dreams of Arbit and creates it...

Thats a Dream come true; isn't it

chaos said...

i guess Shubham@48 must be giving instructions to Shubham@24! :D

Dreaming in good... making dreams a reality makes you man.